• BMW 520d Oil Cooler New Gaskets Set Replacement

    Oil leak from oil cooler on BMW 520d with N47 engine. All gaskets replaced Engine Oil Cooler, Transmission Oil Cooler together all 4 sets of gaskets from BMW dealer. If…

  • Grinding Noise

    The customer stated he just started hearing a grinding noise from the brakes. Car start braking using brake calliper piston.

  • Brake Pads Replacment

    On this lovely rainy morning, brake pads change on Ford Galaxy, front and rear axle.

  • Citroen Berlingo Service and Alternator Change

    Saturday prebooked Brelingo Service Oil Change, Air Filter, Fuel Filter and alternator change at Shenley Church End in Milton Keynes. Customer provide second hand alternator. Any Service required book online…

  • Oil Change Engine Flush

    Not always engine flush will help with this type of gunk inside engine. First fresh oil than engine flush with new oil filter.

  • Brake Pads Change

    Lovely new set of pads and disc on this Renault Clio